Bungee fitness is a highly intensive cardio training for the whole body.
Special equipment – bungee cords and safety belts – are used for jumping & flying without tension on your joints during the class.
These workshops will use dance as a form of exercising, which lets everyone feel to be part of a choreography show even without having any previous experience.

Day 1. Intro to bungee dance techniques. Principles of movement & safety options.
Basic movements part 1:
Sit, Drop, Wave, Passe jump, Star jump.

Day 2. Basic movements part 2:
Switching legs Drop, Loop Jump, Bomb Jump, Skydiver, Switching direction/side transitions.

Day 3. Bungee dance choreography part 1.
We will start to create a dancing flow from the basic movements we have learned before, get ready for the fun and beauty!

Day 4. Bungee dance choreography part 2.
We’re gonna learn the full bungee dance sequence.
Get ready to be a part of the great show! Let’s fly high together!

21, 28 October, 4, 11 November
18h45 – 20h15

Full Course – 150€
1 Workshop – 45€

Only 5 spots available!

BOOK NOW: hello.aerialblast@gmail.com


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