Aerial Blast and Imo Studio paired up to give you a bigger offer of classes, schedules and more possibilities to train, learn and grow in your favorite apparatus!

From APRIL ON, your annual registration allows you to sign up for classes on BOTH studios! If you get “Imo + Blast” Pack, you have access to any class of both studios. You get to choose WHEN and WHERE to take a class.



 Areeiro ● Benfica ●


● Aerial Silks ● Flexibility ● Yoga ● IMOve Pregnant ● Policious ● Pole Dance ● Floorwork ● Body & Mind ● Prep/Conditioning ●


How does the class reservation/booking system work?

  • Class reservations are made through IMO‘s website, using its Booking system. (At Imo’s Website, on the “START” menu, you can check the instructions on how to register, buy and book classes);
  • All the packs can be purchase at any time of the month, and they are personal and non transmissible;
  • The student is the one responsible for booking the classes;
  • A class can be booked until its start time. To guarantee your spot, book the class in advance;
  • A class can be canceled up by the student to 3 hours before it starts;
  • It is the student’s responsibility to manage the pack. If the student is unable to book and take all classes, within the stipulated period of validity, they won’t be reinstated nor will the amount be refunded.
  • For a class to take place, at least 2 persons must register. If this does not happen, the system automatically cancels the class 2 hours before it starts, sending an email with this notification. Therefore, the student must verify the email before coming to class.

MORE INFO about IMO’s CLASSES here, MORE INFO about AERIAL BLAST classes navigate on our menu “CLASSES”.



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