Aerial Silks offers you a graceful way to express yourself as you climb and wrap your body in the silks, creating strong and elegant lines. Come experiment a new freedom as you leave the ground and challenge your body and mind to move like never before.

This is an open level class where everybody is welcome – from beginner to advanced level. The class is split into different levels, according to each student’s experience.

– If you’re a beginner: lack of arm or abs strength is no excuse to miss this class. You’ll be working on body conditioning as you learn basic skills on silk, always under a professional instructor’s guidance and supervision. 

– If you’re an intermediate or advanced student: get ready to increase your technical language and improve your aerial performance. We’ll be working on flow, aerial routines and you’ll be able to perform bigger and more complexed drops.


Get ready to increase flexibility and mobility both progressively, long-lasting and safely. This is an intense and deep body stretch class where we use different and complementary stretching techniques such as passive, active and dynamic stretches synchronized with the breath and using our own body weight on our behalf.

From increased ability to perform functional movement to advanced flexibility that can be translated to your aerial dance practice, Flex is a great way to support whatever your goals may be, so all levels are welcome.